Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., as a famous enterprise of communication network connecting equipment in China, has always taken the mission of “creating the perfect communication mode for human”, focusing on the R&D of solutions and the needs of domestic and foreign telecom operators. Insisting on the strategy of “Innovation by Technology, Development by Technology” for years, our company determined the core concept of corporate culture in 2006, that is, “People Foremost, Company Development, Personal Achievement”. People Foremost has become our business philosophy.

        Construction Concept of Corporate Culture
        Our Objective: Full Functions, Safety & Efficiency, Excellent Service, Beautiful Environment
        Our Spirit: Self-improvement, Daring to be the First
        Our Style: Strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, thunder-like violence and wind-like swiftness
        Management Idea: Strict, Detailed, Ruthless, High, Practical, Dashing
        Service Concept: Dedicated to providing the customers with products and services of security, quality, efficiency, economy, convenience, satisfaction, and comfort; build the bridge for the customers to enhance the value.

        Employment Concept
        1. A swift horse comes from the racing game (We do not value on education background and past qualifications)
        2. Never use the talents without virtue (We will never employ those who do not recognize the corporate culture and the employment outlook of Huijue)

        Talent Concept
        Huijue sets up a stage for employee development (You can go as far as your thought)
        Make the excellent better (We implement the Pareto rule and elimination system. The low-paid get less than their peers, while the highly-paid get higher than their peers)

        Huijue Spirit
        The solutions are more than problems (Do not say no in face of difficulties, and try your best to solve them)
        Be always better and more careful than competitors (Be closer to the customer than the opponents)
        Teamwork is to conscientiously do your own duty (Do not let the team pay for your errors)

        Nine Concepts of Corporate Culture
        Our Vision: To be a leading enterprise in the industry and the happy house of the employees
        Our Mission: Carry social expectations, Distribute foreign and domestic culture
        Core Values: Develop the company and make the individuals succeed
        Our Spirit: Develop with unity and go beyond yourself
        Business Style: Strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, Be pragmatic and efficient
        Management Philosophy: People Foremost, Scientific Management
        Talent Concept: The company sets up the stage for employee development
        Market Philosophy: Market-oriented, Aggressive
        Service Concept: Service Is Our Life, Satisfaction Is Our Pursuit